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For the decision-makers of the legal fraternity, Taurus Capital is the leading privately-owned financier that empowers your business continuity and growth.

Our Value Proposition

Flexible drawing and repayment terms


Expert capital solutions that unlock real value


Partnering with trusted advisors to the legal industry


Quicker turnaround times than traditional lenders


Bespoke solutions tailor-made per client/firm


Our Specialist Offerings

We recognise and resolve the everyday challenges faced by the modern law firm. A law firm’s revenue and the materialisation thereof is unpredictable and compromises your ability to forward-plan and grow. Taurus Capital provides the necessary finance to unlock the value inherent in your mandates, invoices, court orders and book debts.


Litigation Funding is the funding of a client’s litigation in return for a portion of the claim, if successful. Legal fees are difficult to forecast and are a drain on working capital. Taurus Capital offer litigation funding that is non-recourse and is contingent on success in the matter. Our funding aligns the interests of the litigant aiming for a positive result and a legal team that is remunerated regardless of the outcome.


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Our Insights

Personal Injury Attorney | Return on Investment

Personal Injury Attorney | Return on Investment

Litigating personal injury matters on contingency basis can be expensive in the short-term, but financially rewarding over time. The challenge in growing a contingent litigation practice is the large expenses which need to be paid upfront to cover marketing costs as well as disbursements. Add to this the protracted cashflow cycle due to the courts and Road Accident Fund and the reality is that you could have significant funds locked up in matters for months and even years...
How to Finance your Legal Practice

How to Finance your Legal Practice

A lawyer’s journey to a sustainable practice is arduous. Not every firms makes it, and much time and effort are required to grow to the next level. Whether it’s expanding into new offices, hiring additional staff, or funding new legal cases there will be a required upfront investment of time and money before seeing any returns.
The Business of Law

The Business of Law

It is a misnomer to term any business a simple one, but the business of being a law firm can often be far more arduous than those of other industries. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, famously said: “Business is like a war without bullets”. However, the business of...

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